Monday, November 19, 2012

Makeup by Sheri-Kay

Hong Kong Tourist

I have recently returned from a trip to Hong Kong. The purpose of the trip was to photograph a friends wedding but I was also able to explore the city and surrounding areas. I was staying in Happy Valley, a very hilly district with beautiful shops and easy transportation to the city. My time was split up between the markets and streets of Mong Kok district and Causway Bay. I took some day trips to the peak on Hong Kong island and to a beach in Stanley. My friends Julia and Andy visited me from Vietnam! This was a major highlight on the trip. We saw the harbour at night and took tons of touristy pictures. We also spent our days shopping and navigating the huge city, trying to find the best deals!

Overall the trip was a complete success (other than the massive bug bites). The weather was amazing temperatures reaching 35 degrees and sunny skies! I would recommend visiting if you ever get the chance.